Liliana Segre

"The trip to Auschwitz – very few speak about it because very few came back – is one of the most terrible chapters of the Shoah. Mine lasted six days, and for six days this humanity lived hoarded in the freight car with its misery, with its bodily functions, with its smell of sweat, of…Read more Liliana Segre

Mariangela Lando

"All the poems in the first part of the collection deal with the facts presented here. The author combines the dramatic, and the all too real, headlines of the boat people with a biblical section. If a God exists who commands us to marvel at creation, there is also a God that man does not seek. On the…Read more Mariangela Lando

Flavia Piccinni


Elisa Casseri

"An accent or a letter can change the meaning of things, just like the position of the fingers of a right hand can determine the positivity of a system: we had found a poem written by our mother, in a book of recipes used merely to adorn a shelf in the kitchen, and Ortensio started…Read more Elisa Casseri

Miryam Pacifico

"Review of the book The lost daughter by Elena Ferrante written by “her, herself and she”. Dear readers who have accompanied me on this four book literary journey to where I am today..."

Tiziana Sferruggia

"The man with the burning cigarette dangling from florid lips crowned with a thick handlebar moustache, ebony skin and black curly hair tamed by a shiny pomade, looked at her without a trace of shame...."