Matilda Colarossi

I’m a literary translator based in Florence, Italy. I translate from the Italian. Translation is my way of giving back all the pleasure I got from reading. Through translation I can share that pleasure with others.

I created Parallel Texts: words reflected in October 2014, and have been blogging all things translation since.

I was born in Italy and grew up in Canada. What I often thought took from me – the idea (sometimes insinuated by others) that I was neither truly Canadian nor Italian – actually gave me so much; because you can be both, because I am both.

I studied Italian literature and Drama at the University of Windsor, and at the University of Toronto. It was thanks to my wonderful professors that I learned to love Italian language and literature. In 2000, I won a competitive exam in Florence, which gave me access to the translation course: Protr@d . I have since been translating in numerous different fields. Translation has taught me about art history and architecture, geology and music. And while I carried those words across linguistic borders, I learned both Italian and English, because that’s what translators do: they learn continuously. For 6 years now, I have been translating mostly literature.

I have also been teaching ESL since I arrived in Italy at the age of 24. It has opened doors to incredible places – from kindergartens to prison classrooms, from libraries to high schools – and it has introduced me to marvellous people of all ages.


Books (in translation):

-Reflecting on Hornbostel-Sachs’s Versuch, edited by Cristina Ghirardini, Fondazione Levi Ed., Venice, 2020


-Leonardo da Vinci, Fables and legends, by Leonardo da Vinci, MutatuM Publishing, London (2018)
-Fiamma by Dana Neri, MutatuM Publishing, London (2018)
-Lettere ai maestri, by Daniele Rossi, Stabilimento Pol. Fiorentino, Florence (2017)
In movimento by Enrico Bianda, Stanza 251 (2013)
Short stories, poems, and excerpts (in
Marta Lo Brano, poems from Mie insondabili tutte, AzonaL, Poetry in translation, 2020
-Excerpt from On how to be a good immigrant by Elvira Mujčić, Asymptote 2020
Excerpt from Giona’s winter by Filippo Tapparelli, excerpt on New Books in Italy (Ministero degli Affari Esteri)
Grazia Deledda, On the mountain, Asymptote, 2020.
Grazia Deledda,  Ancient Musical legend, Finalist Gabo Prize, Lunch Ticket Org., 2019
Erri De Luca, two poems from solo andata, Asymptote Journal, 2019
-Excerpt from Eva’s mother by Silvia Ferreri, Asymptote, October 2018

-From “Antropometria”, the short story Future perfect, by Paolo ZardiAsymptote,   January, 2018

-Excerpt from ’21st century’ by Paolo ZardiLunch Ticket, Winter/Spring edition, 2018

-Excerpt from ‘In conformance with glory’ by Demetrio PaolinIlanot Review, July, 2017

-Poems from the collection ‘solo andata’ by Erri De LucaSakura Review, July, 2017

-Poems by Roberto Amato48th Poetry International, May, 2017

-Poems by Roberto AmatoInternational Festival Rotterdam, May, 2017

-Excerpt from the book ‘Sul tradurre’ by Susanna BassoAsymptote,  April, 2017

-Excerpt from ‘Poachers’ by Alessandro CinquegraniAsymptote, July, 2016

-Poems by Roberto Amato: Poetry International, May, 2016.

-From ‘Il giorno che diventammo umani’, by Paolo ZardiLunch Ticket Org., March, 2016

-From ‘Antropometria ‘ by Paolo ZardiLunch Ticket Org., January, 2016


Short stories (original Italian and English):


Partenze, racconti, Associazione Culturale Small Room (2016)

Stanza 251:

Edizioni Mimosa, (weekly magazine)


Interviews, articles, and papers:

A Fuse 8 Production:

Words and pictures, The SCBWI British Isles Online Magazine (2019);

Los Angeles Review of Books, China Channel (2019)

L’Indice (2017);     

Un posto di vacanza;      

Intralingo (2017);