Matilda Colarossi

I’m a Canadian literary translator based in Florence, Italy. I translate from the Italian. Translation is my way of giving back all the pleasure I get from reading. Through translation I believe I can share that pleasure with others.

I created Parallel Texts: words reflected in October 2014, and have been blogging translations since.

Books (in translation):

Forthcoming: Excluded by Luigi Pirandello, Noumena Press

Short stories, poems, and excerpts (in
  • Excerpt from La madre di Eva/ Eva’s mother by Silvia Ferreri, Anomaly #32  2021
  • Poems from Mie insondabili tutte by Marta Lo Brano, AzonaL, Poetry in translation, 2020
  • Excerpt from Consigli per essere un bravo immigrato/ On how to be a good immigrant by Elvira Mujčić, Asymptote 2020
  • Excerpt from L’Inverno di Giona/ Giona’s winter by Filippo Tapparelli, excerpt on New Books in Italy (Ministero degli Affari Esteri)
  • Short story by Grazia Deledda, On the mountain, Asymptote, 2020.
  • Short story by Grazia Deledda,  Ancient Musical legend, Finalist Gabo Prize, Lunch Ticket Org., 2019
  • Poems from solo andata by Erri De LucaAsymptote Journal, 2019
  • Excerpt from La madre di Eva/Eva’s mother by Silvia Ferreri, Asymptote, October 2018
  • Short story by Paolo Zardi, Future perfectAsymptote  January, 2018
  • Excerpt from XXI Secolo/21st century by Paolo ZardiLunch Ticket, Winter/Spring edition, 2018
  • Excerpt from Conforme alla gloria/In conformance with glory by Demetrio PaolinIlanot ReviewJuly, 2017
  • Poems from the collection solo andata by Erri De LucaSakura Review, July, 2017
  • Poems by Roberto Amato48th Poetry InternationalMay, 2017
  • Poems by Roberto AmatoInternational Festival Rotterdam, May, 2017
  • Excerpt from Sul tradurre/On translation by Susanna BassoAsymptote,  April, 2017
  • Excerpt from Cacciatori di frodo/Poachers by Alessandro CinquegraniAsymptote, July, 2016
  • Poems by Roberto Amato: Poetry International, May, 2016.
  • Excerpt from Il giorno che diventammo umani/ The day we became human, by Paolo ZardiLunch Ticket Org., March, 2016
  • Excerpt from Antropometria by Paolo ZardiLunch Ticket Org., January, 2016


Short stories (original Italian and English):

Interviews, articles, and papers:

Photo: school trip in Venice with students; me lost…