Matilda Colarossi

I’m a literary translator based in Florence, Italy. I translate from the Italian. Translation is my way of giving back all the pleasure I got from reading. Through translation I can share that pleasure with others.

I created Parallel Texts: words reflected in October 2015, and have been blogging all things translation since.

I was born in Italy and grew up in Canada. What I often thought took from me – the idea (sometimes insinuated by others) that I was neither truly Canadian nor Italian – actually gave me so much, because you can be both, because I am both.

I studied Italian literature and Drama at the University of Windsor, and the University of Toronto, where I first learned to love Italian. In 2000 I won a competitive exam in Florence, which gave me  access to the translation course: Protr@d . I have since been translating in numerous different fields. Translation has taught me about art history and architecture, geology and music. And while I carried those words across linguistic boards, I learned both Italian and English, because that’s what translators do: they learn continuously. For four years now, I have been translating mostly literature.

I have also been teaching ESL since I arrived in Italy at the age of 24. It has opened doors to incredible places – from kindergartens to prison classrooms, from libraries to high schools – and it has introduced me to marvellous people of all ages. I am currently teaching English in high school in Florence.

My work in translation abroad is listed here:
Erri De Luca, two poems from solo andata, Asymptote Journal
Leonardo da Vinci, Fables and legends, MutatuM Publishing, 2018
-Excerpt from Eva’s mother by Silvia Ferreri, Asymptote, October 2018

-Fiamma by Dana Neri, MutatuM Publishing, 2018

-From “Antropometria”, the short story Future perfect, by Paolo ZardiAsymptote,  January, 2018

-Excerpt from ’21st century’ by Paolo ZardiLunch Ticket, Winter/Spring edition, 2018

-Excerpt from ‘In conformance with glory’ by Demetrio PaolinIlanot Review, July, 2017

-Poems from the collection ‘solo andata’ by Erri De LucaSakura Review, July, 2017

-Poems by Roberto Amato48th Poetry International, May, 2017

-Poems by Roberto AmatoInternational Festival Rotterdam, May, 2017

-Excerpt from the book ‘Sul tradurre’ by Susanna BassoAsymptote,  April, 2017

-Excerpt from ‘Poachers’ by Alessandro CinquegraniAsymptote, July, 2016

-Poems by Roberto AmatoPoetry International, May, 2016.

-From ‘Il giorno che diventammo umani’, by Paolo ZardiLunch Ticket Org., March, 2016

-From ‘Antropometria ‘ by Paolo ZardiLunch Ticket Org., January, 2016

Interviews and articles:

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November 2018