About me: my voice

I often worry about my voice. I wonder if by translating the words of others I am somehow losing my own. I wonder if that could be one of the meanings of the famous phrase “lost in translation”? As translators, do we somehow lose our voices in translation? And yet the authors I translate are often translators themselves.

So why do I get the feeling that everything has already been said, and said well. Susanna Basso speaks of a sort of envy (“I learned that working with a phrase is difficult; we have to learn to listen to it, respect it and try our best not to envy it.” Sul tradurre, Mondadori, 2010), but I believe that it is more of an unstinted reverence. I marvel at what my authors say, and how they say it; and I consider myself lucky, because I am able to ‘carry’ their voices across borders.


These translations, interviews, reviews, and short stories highlight just some of my work outside the blog (thank you Paolo Zardi, Alessandro Cinquegrani, Erri De Luca, Susanna Basso, Roberto Amato…).

Ilanot Review;    Sakura Review;    L’Indice;   Un posto di vacanza;   48th Poetry International Festival Rotterdam;   Asymptote;    Intralingo;   Asymptote;   Lunch Ticket Org.;   Lunch Ticket Org.;   Poetry International;   Stanza251; OKMugello;   Cinema&Cie’;   In movimento.

2 thoughts on “About me: my voice

  1. Ciao, non trovo un contatto diretto, quindi scrivo qui.
    Ho visto che ha tradotto diverse cose di Bassani in inglese. Per caso ha per le mani anche “Gli ex fascistoni di Ferrara”?
    Le sarei grato se potesse condividerlo con me (e con la comunità dei lettori) o se ci può indicare dove trovare quella traduzione.

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