Parallel from the world

“I have friends (books), whose company I find extremely delightful: They are people from every land and every era…”

Francesco Petrarca

On this page, which I have decided to call Parallel from the world, I wish to provide a space for other translators from other languages into Italian or into English.

I have been working on this blog since October 2015: The majority of the posts are from Italian into English, and are my translations; others are from English into Italian, and are translated by friends, translators, poets, writers, and even my students. I have always wanted the blog to be a place where people who love literature could find a home, find “friends”, as Petrarca states, in the beautiful literature of other lands, other voices, and different corners of the world. I hope this section will enlighten and enrich those of us who are always searching for answers.

Please find my guests listed here:

Vasile Baghiu & Cristina Savin: From Metode simple de încetinire a timpului/ Simple methods to slow down time, Romanian poets at


Ain Kaalep & Mailis Põld: In …in un soffio fra gli aceri…edited by Paolo Ottaviani, Estonian poets at

Léopold Chauveau & Nat Paterson: Histoire du Boa et du Tapir/ Story of the Boa and the Tapir, French authors at

Catulle Mendès & Patricia Worth: Le Soir d’une fleur/ A Flower’s Evening, French authors at

Friedrich Christian Delius & Bob Cantrick: Die linke Hand des Papstes/ The pope’s left hand, German authors at

Gérard de Nerval & Michael Wooff: Tale of the Valois, La Reine des poissons/ The Queen of the fish

Joan-Carles Marti I Casanova & Jan S. Reinhart: tankas from Milalta tankes I una elegia/ A Myriad of Tankas and an Elegy

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