Parallel from the world

“I have friends (books), whose company I find extremely delightful: They are people from every land and every era…”

Francesco Petrarca

On this page, which I have decided to call Parallel from the world, I wish to provide a space for other translators from other languages into Italian or into English.

I have been working on this blog since October 2015: The majority of the posts are from Italian into English, and are my translations; others are from English into Italian, and are translated by friends, translators, poets, writers, and even my students. I have always wanted the blog to be a place where people who love literature could find a home, find “friends”, as Petrarca states, in the beautiful literature of other lands, other voices, and different corners of the world. I hope this section will enlighten and enrich those of us who are always searching for answers.

Please remember, when enjoying the translations found here, that they are the fruit of hard work, long hours, and great devotion on the part of the talented translators who were kind enough to share their work with Should you decide to use their translations, please remember to communicate it first using the contact page, provide the link to the blog page, and, especially, to always, always #namethetranslator! Thank you.

Please find my guests listed here:

Vasile Baghiu & Cristina Savin: From Metode simple de încetinire a timpului/ Simple methods to slow down time, Romanian poets at


Ain Kaalep & Mailis Põld: In …in un soffio fra gli aceri…edited by Paolo Ottaviani, Estonian poets at

Léopold Chauveau & Nat Paterson: Histoire du Boa et du Tapir/ Story of the Boa and the Tapir, French authors at

Catulle Mendès & Patricia Worth: Le Soir d’une fleur/ A Flower’s Evening, French authors at

Friedrich Christian Delius & Bob Cantrick: Die linke Hand des Papstes/ The pope’s left hand, German authors at

Gérard de Nerval & Michael Wooff: Tale of the Valois, La Reine des poissons/ The Queen of the fish

Joan-Carles Marti I Casanova & Jan S. Reinhart: tankas from Milalta tankes I una elegia/ A Myriad of Tankas and an Elegy

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