Tutti i miei autunni/All my autumns by Roberta De Piccoli

  Tutti I miei autunni Roberta De Piccoli Tutti i miei autunni si presentano Sparsi in catenelle di brina quasi in gocce e profumi e arsi Tutti i miei autunni si presentano Uno a uno Sui campi arati, morbidi e spigolosi Sui tappeti schiumosi di acini pigiati Sulle foglie croccanti liberate da temperature a loro…Read more Tutti i miei autunni/All my autumns by Roberta De Piccoli

Una breve misura/A brief measure by Margherita Guidacci

  da Una breve misura (1988) Margherita Guidacci Anche sul fango Lieto risveglio il sole resta sole d’ali e canti: ogni uccello e non s’infanga conosce la sua alba Quando è accaduto il peggio Quando è accaduto il peggio si forma un grande silenzio come un lago immobile su una città sommersa. Son più reali…Read more Una breve misura/A brief measure by Margherita Guidacci

Maria Messina

"Abitofbread was the laughingstock of the town: children threw stones at his legs or prickly-pear skins at his naked feet; and women, who, especially in summer, spent their time sitting on their doorsteps, winked slyly at each other the minute they saw him turn the corner..." https://paralleltexts.blog/2016/07/03/solo-paneabitofbread-by-maria-messina/ https://paralleltexts.blog/tag/maria-messina/  

Elisa Casseri

"An accent or a letter can change the meaning of things, just like the position of the fingers of a right hand can determine the positivity of a system: we had found a poem written by our mother, in a book of recipes used merely to adorn a shelf in the kitchen, and Ortensio started…Read more Elisa Casseri

Tiziana Sferruggia

"The man with the burning cigarette dangling from florid lips crowned with a thick handlebar moustache, ebony skin and black curly hair tamed by a shiny pomade, looked at her without a trace of shame...."   https://paralleltexts.blog/2015/01/05/la-signora-rosetta-by-tiziana-sferruggia/ https://paralleltexts.blog/tag/tiziana-sferruggia/ https://www.ibs.it/signora-rosetta-ovvero-felicita-provvisoria-libro-tiziana-sferruggia/e/9788865640869

Alba Gnazi

"How do we feel When We feel As if inside we had Nothing..."   https://paralleltexts.blog/tag/alba-gnazi/ https://www.ibs.it/libri/autori/Alba%20Gnazi https://unpostodivacanzasite.wordpress.com/category/alba-gnazi/ https://www.pensieriparole.it/poesie/autori/alba-gnazi/pag1 https://larosainpiu.wordpress.com/2015/02/25/poesia-alba-gnazi-inediti/ https://leparolechetidico.blogspot.it/2013/02/le-poesie-di-alba-gnazi.html

Tania Puglia

"I look at myself in the mirror and don't like what I see: wrinkled, tousled, what is left of my makeup drops like two half moons under my eyes. I probably threw up, I can't remember, because my clothes are dirty...I get in the shower, but there's no water. I turn the tap on and…Read more Tania Puglia