La petite promenade du poète

Dino Campana


Me ne vado per le strade
Strette oscure e misteriose:
Vedo dietro le vetrate
Affacciarsi Gemme e Rose.
Dalle scale misteriose
C’è chi scende brancolando:
Dietro i vetri rilucenti
Stan le ciane commentando.
La stradina è solitaria:
Non c’è un cane: qualche stella
Nella notte sopra i tetti:
E la notte mi par bella.
E cammino poveretto
Nella notte fantasiosa,
Pur mi sento nella bocca
La saliva disgustosa. Via dal tanfo
Via dal tanfo e per le strade
E cammina e via cammina
Già le case son più rade.
Trovo l’erba: mi ci stendo
A conciarmi come un cane:
Da lontano un ubriaco
Canta amore alle persiane.

La petite promenade du poète

Dino Campana


I promenade along streets
Narrow mysterious and dark:
I see behind the windows
Gemmas and Roses leaning out.
From mysterious stairwells
Some stumbling may descend:
From behind the shiny panes
Voices chattering comment.
The street is solitary:
There’s no one around: few stars
In the night above the roofs:
And to me the night seems fair.
And I walk, oh lowly me
In the night fantastical,
And yet in my mouth lingers
A tang that’s horrible. Away from the stench
Away from the stench and down streets
I walk and away I walk
Where the houses are scarce.
I find grass: I lie me down
As bedraggled as a dog:
In the distance a drunkard
To the shutters sings of love.


Translation ©Matilda Colarossi 2020



Dino Campana, my favourite mad poet who walked along the same paths I walk, and saw the same trees I see. In Mugello I hear his voice. From the collection Canti Orfici.

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