a virità r’a mènnula
©Patrizia Sardisco

a virità r’a mènnula
r’i nutrichi e nutrichi
sta truscia

a scorcia
s’avissi avutu ìrita
e pacenzia ‘i stizzana
s’un avissi pinzatu
ri muzzicari u civu

u latti
si ti cci fannu jùnciri
siddu t’a firi a cògghilu
si t’adduni ca c’è





the truth of the almond
©Patrizia Sardisco

the truth of the almond
from our early early years
this bundle

the shell
if I had had fingers
and the patience of a drop
if I hadn’t thought
of biting the kernel

the milk
if they let you get to it
if you are able to collect it
if you know it’s there


Translation ©Matilda Colarossi 2018

Image: Van Gogh, Branches of an almond tree

Other poems by Patrizia Sardisco: https://paralleltexts.blog/tag/patrizia-sardisco/


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