Gianni Rodari: La madre del partigiano/ The partisan’s mother

“Some things, which have held an important place in the world of adults, allow us to reduce them to playthings to keep them from disappearing,  when that moment in time is past.”

Gianni Rodari (The grammar of fantasy, 1973)

La madre del partigiano  

Gianni Rodari

Sulla neve bianca bianca
c’è una macchia color vermiglio;
è il sangue, il sangue di mio figlio,
morto per la libertà.

Quando il sole la neve scioglie
un fiore rosso vedi spuntare:
o tu che passi, non lo strappare,
è il fiore della libertà.

Quando scesero i partigiani
a liberare le nostre case,
sui monti azzurri mio figlio rimase
a far la guardia alla libertà.

The partisan’s mother 

Gianni Rodari

On snow of the whitest white
there’s a stain of the darkest red;
it’s the blood, the blood of my son,
who died for our freedom.

When the sun the snow melts
a red flower you will see:
and you who pass, let it be,
it’s the flower of our freedom.

When the partisans descended
to free our homes again,
on the azure hills did my son remain
to keep guard over our freedom.

Translation ©Matilda Colarossi 2019

April 25, 2019 is Giorno della liberazione in Italy. This poem is for those who lost their lives so that we could be free.

Let us never forget what the war and fascism did to Italy and the world.

The poem is by Gianni Rodari (October 23, 1920-April 14, 1980).

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