Maria Ivana Trevisani: Giovane donna nera/ Young black woman


Giovane donna nera

©Maria Ivana Trevisani

Giovane donna nera,
alta e fiera,
in ebano scolpita,
che cammini a piedi nudi
sulla sabbia arroventata
sotto il peso d’una cesta
stracolma di vestiti di seta ricamata.

Gentile donna nera, giovane straniera
che ti muovi fra la gente
-che non ti degna d’un’occhiata-
mentre parla al cellulare
una lingua sconosciuta.

   Tu cerchi con lo sguardo,
antilope impaurita,
un utile contatto mentre vaghi
fra gli sdrai di tela colorata.

Solo un bimbo,
attratto e incuriosito dall’insolito tuo viso,
ti segue per un tratto, offrendoti un sorriso.

Allora Tu ti fermi e accarezzi con dolcezza
quei capelli fini e biondi, ondulati come il grano,
mentre pensi ai ricci neri del tuo piccolo lontano.

E ti senti, nuovamente,
una donna fra le donne:una mamma che va al pozzo
con la cesta sulla testa
ed un bimbo fra le gonne.

Young black woman

Maria Ivana Trevisani

Young black woman,
tall and proud,
of chiselled ebony,
you walk barefoot
on scorching sands
under the weight of a basket
overflowing with adorned silk garments.

Gentle black woman, young stranger
you move among the crowds
—who don’t deem you worthy of a glance—
as they speak into their phones
in an unknown tongue.

  Your eyes searching,
frightened antelope,
for a suitable contact as you wander
among colourful beach chairs.

One child alone,
attracted and intrigued by your unusual face,
follows you for a bit, offering you a smile.

So You stop and gently caress
his hair, thin and blond like waves of wheat,
and you think of the dark curls of your own child abroad.

     And you feel, once more,
a woman among women:
a mother who goes to the well
with a basket on her head
and a child at her skirts.


Translation ©Matilda Colarossi 2020

More poems by the poet Maria Ivana Trevisani can be found at:

I would like to thank the author for permission to publish her poem here.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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