Parafrasando Engels

Giorgio Bassani

Tutto ciò che esiste è degno

di perire recito fra me e

me parafrasando



Ed ecco nel rosso deserto crepuscolo appena dopo

Bologna ecco quasi subito

volando io continuamente in discesa lungo il diritto asfalto laggiù

verso il buio il silenzio la



eccola là già in vista la grande la tiepida


eccola ancora là la mia


Paraphrasing Engels

Giorgio Bassani

Everything that exists deserves

to perish I say to myself




And then in the deserted reddish dusk just past

Bologna then almost immediately

sailing I continuously downhill along the straight asphalt down

towards the dark the silence the



there it is now visible the huge the warm


there it is still there my



Translation ©Matilda Colarossi 2020

The sense of loss that seeps through the lines of this poem, in its every verse, is what makes Bassani’s poetry so touching, so dear to me. Bassani’s Ferrara is ever present, always there, at the end of every journey, both physical and emotional.

The poem is the last poem in the collection Epitaffio, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, 1974, p 115
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