Alba Gnazi

"How do we feel When We feel As if inside we had Nothing..."

Tania Puglia

"I look at myself in the mirror and don't like what I see: wrinkled, tousled, what is left of my makeup drops like two half moons under my eyes. I probably threw up, I can't remember, because my clothes are dirty...I get in the shower, but there's no water. I turn the tap on and…Read more Tania Puglia

Patrizia Sardisco

"light winds are blowing vacant winds suspended from nothing heartbeats harden..."

Noemi Ghetti

"Among the pages of Quaderni: Prison notebooks, the “Dante notes” on the Canto of the Heretics (Q 4, 78-88) give us access to the human, intellectual and political life of Antonio Gramsci. In his outline of Quaderni on February 8, 1929, while Mussolini was ratifying the Lateran Treaty, concordat regulating relations between State and Church, the essay…Read more Noemi Ghetti

Susanna Basso

"The daily exercise of translation has put me into contact with phenomena of attention to the written page. I consider them specific to my art, similar, perhaps, to the tactile sensitivity of a tailor in understanding the texture of a fabric and evaluating the possible use."

Arabella Bertola

"It is written on our bodies, inside the buttery flesh. Soft as silk after the busses. Empty and weightless in its solitude. Bitter and acerose out of fear. Scaly and furrowed with memories..."