I first published the translation of “Il pane” by #GianniRodari on December 18, 2017, here. Three years later, I have translated it slightly differently: there is no end to the possible combinations, or solutions, when we are playing with rhyme (yes, playing, because rhyme is a game for “children” of all ages). So here it is donning its new translation clothes. I hope “the soul” of the poem is the same.

A lovely video, which includes my translation, can be found here thanks to Andrea Strappa.

Il Pane

Gianni Rodari

S’io facessi il fornaio
vorrei cuocere un pane
così grande da sfamare
tutta, tutta la gente
che non ha da mangiare.

Un pane più grande del sole,
dorato, profumato
come le viole.

Un pane così
verrebbero a mangiarlo…
…i poveri, i bambini,
i vecchietti e gli uccellini.

Sarà una data
da studiare a memoria:
un giorno senza fame!
Il più bel giorno di tutta la storia.
The loaf

Gianni Rodari

If I were a baker
I’d make a huge loaf
that was big enough to feed
the earth
and those in need.

A loaf bigger than the sun,
as golden and fragrant
as a colourful mum.

With a loaf that size
people would arrive
from Chile and India too…
the old, the young, the poor,
and even the birds.

It will be a day
to commit to memory
a day without famine!
The most beautiful day in history.

Translation ©Matilda Colarossi

Books by Gianni Rodari can be found at Edizioni El here:  https://www.edizioniel.com/catalogo-anticipazioni/100-gianni-rodari-novita-gennaio-2020/

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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