Dopo la pioggia

Di Gianni Rodari

Dopo la pioggia viene il sereno

brilla in cielo l’arcobaleno.

E’ come un ponte imbandierato

e il sole ci passa festeggiato.

E’ bello guardare a naso in su

le sue bandiere rosse e blu.

Però lo si vede, questo è male

soltanto dopo il temporale.

Non sarebbe più conveniente

il temporale non farlo per niente?

Un arcobaleno senza tempesta,

questa si che sarebbe una festa.

Sarebbe una festa per tutta la terra

fare la pace prima della guerra.

After the rain

Di Gianni Rodari

After the rain comes a clear blue sky

and from the heavens a rainbow shines high.

It’s a lovely bridge of flags aflutter

and as the sun passes its praises we utter.

How fine to look up our noses held there

as red and blue streamers flit in the air.

We only see it, and this is so sad

after the tempest falls storming mad.

But would it not be far better

to skip the downpour altogether?

A lovely rainbow without a gale

would be an occurrence we all would hail.

A celebration for man near and far

surrendering to peace before the war.

Translation by ©Matilda Colarossi

Gianni Rodari was an Italian writer and journalist. He was famous for his children’s books, poems and rhymes.For his contribution as a children’s writer he was the winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Medal.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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