Marta Lo Brano: Ai confini/ On the edge


Ai confini

©Marta Lo Brano

Il respiro

celeste ondoso sfuggente
quando un corpo non danza
curiosa mancanza

e impenetrabili e scanzonati e falò e boschi e bar su barche che non esistono e pur pur riconoscerci
o invece mai.

Bruscamente d’improvviso svolte
sparpagliate con la tormenta
– scelta? –

ombra inchiodata o scalza

incapace di rifiuto, vili tiranni baci…
– ripudio! –
… nel ciclo spiata agìta. Errata. Quella. Non. Sei. Più. Tu.

– i canti, la monda. –

ai confini
i miei strumenti

On the edge

©Marta Lo Brano


cerulean undulant fleeting
when a body doesn’t dance
curious absence

and impenetrable and blasé and campfire and woods and bars on boats that don’t exist and though though recognizing ourselves
or yet never.

Brusquely suddenly turning points
upturned in the storm
-choice? –

shadow spiked or shoeless

incapable of rejection, vile tyrant kisses…
– repudiation! –
. . . in the cycle made-out acting-out. Flawed. She. Is. No. Longer. You.

— the chants, the cleansing. –

on the edge
I sought
my instruments

Translation ©Matilda Colarossi 2020

I would like to thank the poet Marta Lo Brano for allowing me to translate and post this beautiful poem from her collection “Mie insondabili tutte”.

When asked to tell me something about herself for my blog, Marta presented me (for it is truly a gift) with this:

”My love of writing has been with me for as long as I can remember.
After my degree in foreign languages (Spanish and Arabic), overcome with the desire to live literature using my body, I left Sardinia to study dramatic arts in Rome, and Nouveau Cirque in Bologna. Personal choices drew me to Barcelona, where I lived for two years, until I had a fortunate encounter with a director who helped me obtain a scholarship for a performing arts project in Denmark. I am currently living in Berlin, a city that has not only welcomed me but which also inspires me.
My work with words goes hand in hand with my studies in voice. Also thanks to my encounter with the Linklater and Roy Hart methods, I have experimented with how to free one when the other is trapped: the word, even when pronounced in the secret silence within us, is capable of communicating sound; and the voice, even when whispered intimately and made of thoughts, bears within it the power of life.” – Marta Lo Brano

The image is a painting by Jackson Pollock, “Portrait and a dream”, 1953
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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