Maria Serra

Siamo fiori di ciliegio.

Ci guarderò piovere,
risplendere sull’albero
e poi morire
trascinati dal vento leggero
di primavera.

Nell’abbandono saremo lievi
quando adagiati, finiti,
su una terra ancora fredda
quel po’ di commozione,
dagli occhi, tradirà.

Non potremmo perdonarci
il voler vivere per sempre,
è un destino, il nostro,
da condividere coi fiori.

Ci guarderò piovere,
iridescenti gocce
risplendere e poi morire.
Sopravviverci la bellezza.

Siamo fiori di ciliegio
che non cadranno mai
due volte
sulla stessa felicità.



Maria Serra

We are cherry blossoms.

I will watch as we rain,
glisten on the tree
and then die
swept away by gentle gusts
of spring.

In our surrender we’ll be discreet
when set lightly, won,
on a ground still frozen
that bit of emotion,
in our eyes, will betray us.

We will never forgive
our desire to live on forever,
it is a fate, ours,
to be shared with the flowers.

I will watch as we rain,
iridescent drops
glisten and then die.
Surviving is the beauty.

We are cherry blossoms
that will never fall
on the same bliss.

Translation ©Matilda Colarossi 2018

Maria Serra was born in Sassari in 1972, but is presently living on Isola di Elba where along with her other many activities, she is an artistic and conceptual photographer and poet. She has published in numerous blogs and on line magazines.

The poem Cherry Blossoms is from her first collection of poems: Nei grovigli dell’incerto 2018 – Lebeg Edizioni Roma ISBN 978-88-99599-09-6

Lebeg Edizioni
I would greatly like to thank both Maria Serra and Lebeg Edizioni for their permission to publish this beautiful poem.

Post image by: ©Dong Shouping (1904-1997)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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