Omnia Nihil

Alba Gnazi

Come ci si sente
Ci si sente
Come se dentro
si avesse
Come se tutto
Odorasse di
Come se
Cementasse nuovi Niente?

Come si cade
All’indietro si cade
E sul graffio della Terra
Il corpo fortemente stride
E all’urlo della Terra
Il corpo mestamente ride?

Convulso il Cielo incolume
Dall’alto non s’avvede
Ch’i figli suoi ribelli
Insozzano le strade
Di aria e passi tiepidi
Di peli e forme rade.

Avvinti al giogo cremisi
Da altri
Altrove forgiato
Intubati in una
Strappiamo nuvole, inspirando fiato
Che lurido s’incrosta
Sul già detto
Sul già pensato :
Il Cielo scorre oltre
Scuotendo il cobalto capo.

Al Niente non occorre rimedio
Perché mai fu infettato
Dall’umano afrore,
di libido, noia, peccato,

Malsana stirpe ch’ha nel
Panico radici
ch’è risulta
semenze profane
d’Orrore ha gelido
il fiato.

I pallidi prati su cui
Il Grecale tramonta
Raschian via
Costernati insulti
Al Viandante orbo
Al Cielo distratto
Alla Terra umida d’infeconde
Larve, già
Remote sapienze,

Di desideri lontani,

Di un taciturno,
onnivoro Niente.

Omnia Nihil

Alba Gnazi

How do we feel
We feel
As if inside
we had
As if everything
Smelled of
As if
Cemented new Nothing?

How do we fall
Backward we fall
And on the score of the Earth
Our body loudly grates
And at the cry of the Earth
Our body ruefully laughs?

Unrestrained the unscathed Sky
From above has no clue
That her rebellious children
Soil the streets
With air and strides tepid
With hairs and forms sparse.

Bound to the crimson yoke
By others
Elsewhere forged
Intubated in a
We snatch clouds, inhaling breath
Which lurid encrusts
The already stated
The already pondered:
The Sky shuffles onward
Shaking its cobalt crown.

Nothing needs no remedy
Because it was never infected
By the human stench,
with lust, boredom, sin,

Immoral ancestry that has in
Panic roots
which is born it seems
profane seeds
of Horror gelid is
its breath.

The sallow meadows on which
The Gregale sets
Scrape away
Dismayed insults
To the blind Wayfarer
To the distracted Sky
To the Earth humid with infertile
Larvae, already
Remote knowledge,

Of distant desires,

Of a taciturn,
omnivorous Nothing.

Translation©Matilde Colarossi

Alba Gnazi is a poet and teacher. Born in 1974, she has always lived in the province of Rome. She published her first collection of poems in 2015 (Luccicanze, Cicorivolta Editore). The poem Omnia Nihil was written on December 1, 2012. It was first published on

Other works by the author can be found on numerous websites, for example:

She manages, together with Patrizia Sardisco, the blog ‘’Un Posto di vacanza’’
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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