Di Antonia Pozzi

E’ bello camminare lungo il torrente:

non si sentono i passi, non sembra

di andare via.

Dall’alto sentiero si vede la valle

E cime lontane ai margini

Della pianura, come pallidi scogli

In riva a una rada – Si pensa

Com’è bella, com’è dolce la terra

Quando s’attarda a sognare

Il suo tramonto

Con lunghe ombre azzurre a sognare

A lato – Si cammina lungo il torrente:

c’è un gran canto che assorda

La malinconia.


By Antonia Pozzi

I like to walk along the torrent:

I can’t hear my steps, it’s as if

I’m not leaving.

From the lofty passage I can see the valley

And the distant crests all around

The plain, like pale rocks

That coast an inlet– and I think

How beautiful it is, how sweet the earth is

When it goes on dreaming

Of the sunset

With its long azure shadows dreaming

On the bank – I walk along the torrent:

the loud chanting deafens

My melancholy.

Translation by ©Matilda Colarossi

– ANTONIA POZZI was born in Milan in 1912, and died at the age of 1938, a victim of suicide. Of her work, we find a volume of poems dedicated to Flaubert, which was published in 1950, and a diary in verse which was published after her death called Parole [Words]1930-1938.

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