Diego Valeri

Tutto il cielo cammina come un fiume,

grandi blocchi traendo di fiamma e d’ombra.

Tutto il mare rompe, onda dietro onda,

splendido, alle fuggenti dune.


L’albero, chiuso nel puro contorno,

oscuro come uno che sta su la soglia,

muto guarda, senza battere foglia,

gli spazi agitati dal trapasso del giorno.



Diego Valeri

All the sky moves like a river,

great blocks drawn of fire and shade.

All the sea breaks, wave after wave,

splendid, at the absconding dunes.


The tree, closed in its pure contour,

as obscure as someone on the threshold,

silent observes, without batting a leaf,

the spaces stirred by the passing of day.


Translation ©Matilda Colarossi

Diego Valeri (Piove di Sacco, Padua, 1887 – Rome 1976), was a teacher and university professor of Italian and French. He collaborated in the Nuova Antologia, was an antifascist, and member of the Accademia dei Lincei (1967). He cultivated his passion for poetry for over sixty years – inspired by such models as Pascoli and D’Annunzio, but also by the Crepuscular poets, and Verlaine and post-symbolism. Among his collections we can find: Le gaie tristezze (1913), Umana (1915), Crisalide (1919), Ariele (1924), Scherzo e finale (1937), Tempo che muore (1942), Jeux de mots (1956), Il flauto a due canne (1958), I nuovi giorni (1962), La sera (1963); Terzo tempo (1950); Verità di uno (1970); Calle del vento (1975).

The poem found here, Albero, can be found in the collection; Poeti italiani del Novecento, Mondadori, Milan, (2003)

Painting: Olive Trees / Olive Trees with yellow sky and sun, (1889) Vincent van Gogh, Minneapolis Institute of Art.

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