Di Umberto Saba



La giovanezza cupida di pesi

porge spontanea al carico le spalle.

Non regge. Piange di malinconia.


Vagabondaggio, evasione, poesia,

cari prodigi sul tardi!  Sul tardi

l’aria si affina ed i passi si fanno


Oggi è il meglio di ieri,

se non è ancora la felicità.


Assumeremo un giorno la bontà

del suo volto, vedremo alcuno sciogliere

come un fumo il suo inutile dolore.







By Umberto Saba



Youth avid for weight

burdens spontaneously its shoulders.

Enduring not. Weeping with melancholy.


Vagrancies, evasion, poetry,

dear prodigies late in life! Late in life

the air rarifies and steps fall


Today is the best of yesterday,

though it is not yet happiness.


We shall one day take on the bounty

of its features, witness some disperse

like smoke its futile pain.



Translation ©Matilda Colarossi


Umberto Saba (Umberto Poli) was an Italian poet and novelist, born in Trieste. He is positioned alongside Eugenio Montale and Giuseppe Ungaretti as one of the three most important Italian poets of the first half of the twentieth century.



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