di Dino Campana


Nel giardino spettrale

Dove il lauro reciso

Spande spoglie ghirlande sul passato,

Nella sera autunnale,

Io lento vinto e solo

Ho il profumo tuo biondo rievocato.

Dalle aride pendici

Aspre, arrossate ne l’ultimo sole

Giungevano i rumori

Rauchi già di una lontana vita.

Io su le spoglie aiuole

Io t’invocavo: o quali le tue voci

Ultime furon, quale il tuo profumo

Più caro, quale il sogno più inquieto

Quale il vertiginoso appassionato

Ribelle sguardo d’oro?

Si udiva una fanfara

Straziante salire; il fiume in piena

Portava silenzioso

I riflessi dei fasti d’altri tempi.

Io mi affaccio a un balcone

E mi investe suadente

Tenero e grandioso

Fondo e amaro il profumo dell’alloro:

Ed ella mi è presente

(Tra le statue spettrali nel tramonto)



by Dino Campana


In the spectral garden

Where the severed laurel

Scatters stark wreaths on the past

In the autumn evening,

I slow spent and alone

I have your blond scent recalled.

From the arid slopes

Rugged, reddened in the late day sun

Came coarse

Echoes of a distant past.

I on the barren flowerbeds

Called to you: oh what sounds were

Yours last, what scent

Most dear, what dream most restless

What vertiginous passionate

Rebellious golden glance?

I could hear a heartrending

Fanfare rising; the river overfull

Silently carried

The reflections of the splendor of long ago.

I look out from a balcony

And am overcome enticing

Tender and grandiose

Deep and tart is the scent of laurel:

And she is there with me

(Among the spectral statues in the dusk)




Translation by ©Matilda Colarossi


Dino Campana, (1885-1932), was an Italian poet from Marradi in Upper Mugello, a territory that would be a central part of his wanderings and writings. He is famous for his only published book of poems Orphic Songs, his borderline personality, his great genius, his ill-fated love story with Sibilla Aleramo..

Boboli is one of his many unedited poems that can be found at , non-profit cultural association for the promotion of artistic and intellectual expression.

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