Niente etichette, per favore

Franca Alaimo


Non so più dove posare il capo

e non ho pensieri, sogni, ricordi

che non si porti il vento

delle parole che mi attraversano la mente

come flussi e riflussi di maree.

Come la luna so di appartenere

al teatro mobile dell’esistente

e non mi aggrappo a niente

perché nasco, muoio, migro nelle stagioni

come fanno i figli, come fanno i gigli

che lasciano i bianchi germogli

al lutto dei petali cadenti.

Quando mi leggerete, quando verrete,

questo io vi chiedo:

non mettetemi etichette addosso.

Non dite di me che ero in certo modo,

perché non era vero che io fossi.

Io soltanto ero vera quando sognavo sogni.

Ma i sogni non hanno fede, né approdo,

Non hanno tempo.

Non hanno spazio.

Non hanno.

Vanno come barche dentro il mare del sonno.


O stanno sopra il colore mutevole dell’acqua

e poi s’inabissano nei fondali

e scivolano per millenni

sussultando sul loro fantasioso


No labels, please

Franca Alaimo


I no longer know where to lay my head

and I have no thoughts, dreams, memories

that have not been taken by the wind

of words that cross my mind

like the flow of tides.

Like the moon I know to belong

to this mobile theater of existence

and I will not grasp anything

because I live, die, migrate with seasons

like children do, like the iris does

that leaves the white sprouts

to mourn the falling petals.

When you read me, when you come,

this is what I ask:

do not label me.

Do not say I was a certain way

because it is not true.

I was only real when I dreamed dreams.

But dreams have no faith, no standing place,

They have no time.

They have no space.

They do not have.

They go like boats in the ocean of sleep.

They go.

Or they remain above the unsettled color of water

until they are swallowed into the depths

sliding into a thousand centuries

startled by their imaginative



Translation ©Gianna Patriarca

Franca Alaimo is an Italian poet, writer and translator. She has published numerous collections of books, poetry and prose, and translations. For information about Franca:


Gianna Patriarca was born in Ceprano, Frosinone, Italia, but grew up in Canada where she received a B.A. in English Literature and B.Ed. from York University.  Gianna’s poetry has been widely anthologized, her poems have appeared in many journals and magazines.

For information about Gianna:

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