stracci sulle ginocchia

Giancarlo Majorino


stracci sulle ginocchia forse altri si lanciano

globale s’inerpica e soffoca gruppo di terramare

dire dirci il gremito? o non conviene scrivere

e se distingui a fatica c’è un carro con abiti

o sono esseri con il cranio inghiottito

stupida linguetta smarrita nella polvere nel brusio

diciamoci come sbattono i corpi diciamocelo

adesso gruppi fitti si accostano e si scostano

la cute nell’abitacolo

continuerà a frusciare

resti di venti diurni s’avviano nell’abitacolo

da qualche parte si rimuovono s’avviano

un frullo d’ali barrette sulla rena squittiscono


mentre uno scafo scende nell’acqua lustra buia

con un dorso enorme di squalo balena

e un altro più breve con buchi qua e là

nella pece a tratti luminosa sotto la luna

rags on knees

Giancarlo Majorino


rags on knees maybe others dive overboard

global it clambers and suffocates group of marlstone

to tell tell us the horde? or better perhaps to write of it

and though barely distinguishable there’s a cart with clothes

or beings their skull swallowed up

stupid tongue lost in the dust in the bustle

let’s tell ourselves about how the bodies collide let’s tell ourselves about it

now groups packed tight move closer and move apart

the skin in the cabin

will continue to rustle

remains of diurnal winds starting up in the cabin

somewhere they will displace starting up

in a flutter of wings rods on the silt squeak


as a boat is lowered into the water glossy dark

with an enormous spine of a whale shark

and another one smaller with holes here and there

in the pitch at times luminous under the moon


Translation ©Matilda Colarossi

Giancarlo Majorino was born in Milan. He wrote his first work “La capitale del Nord”, between from 1953 to 1959, which he published with Schwarz Ed..

This poem was published in 2001 and is from the collection “Gli alleati viaggiatori” (Allied travellers) and deals with, as do the others in this book, the subject of immigration.

The painting, Huagong Boat, is by Cheng Conglin.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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