La notte lava la mente


Mario Luzi


La notte lava la mente.


Poco dopo si è qui come sai bene,

file d’anime lungo la cornice,

chi pronto al balzo, chi quasi in catene.


Qualcuno sulla pagina del mare

traccia un segno di vita, figge un punto.

Raramente qualche gabbiano appare.


The night cleanses the mind


Mario Luzi


The night cleanses the mind.


Shortly after we are here as you know well,

rows of souls along the frame,

some ready to flee, some almost in shackles.


Someone on the page of the sea

charts a sign of life, fixes a point.

Rarely does a seagull appear.



Translation by ©Matilda Colarossi



Mario Luzi, born in Tuscany in 1914, is famous for his poetry. He was a professor at the University of Florence and published numerous works throughout the 20th century. Winner of numerous literary prizes, in 1991 he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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