Da  Parallasse

di Patrizia Sardisco


In delega alle nuvole

l’aridità retorica del pianto

e alle chiuse elusive a fibbia l’aria

di isole, a vaporare.

Alle stelle non chiedo

conto delle cadute

né di quel fatuo disegnare al buio

–   non sono eidetica, a quel che so.

Quanto ai silenzi, poi

è l’urlo che li deve contenere

ma non nei miei cataloghi ortodossi,

al più in un ordine appendicolare

– la postfazione facile all’agrume.

Di rado, e senza alzare gli occhi, chiedo

che ora è alle ossa.

From Parallasse (Parallax)

by Patrizia Sardisco  


I delegate to the clouds

the arid rhetoric of tears

and to the elusive locks the waft

of islands, to dissolve.

To the stars no account

of their falling I ask

nor of their futile strokes in the dark

-I am not eidetic, for all I know.

As for silence, well

it is the cry that must contain it

but not in my orthodox logs

at most in my appendicular collections

– simple postscript to the citrus.

Rarely, and without lifting my eyes,

I ask my bones the time.

Translation by ©Matilda Colarossi

Patrizia Sardisco was born and lives in Monreale.

She has a degree in psychology and works at a high school in Palermo.

She writes in Italian and Sicilian dialect.

Her short stories and poems have appeared on the  blogs Tutta colpa della maestra , Apertura a Strappo, La presenza di Erato, Versante Ripido, Carte sensibili, Vibrisse, and Larosainpiù.

Winner  of numerous literary prizes, she has appeared in anthologies by Lietocolle (Verba Agrestia 2012 e 2013) and AaS Press.

She has edited and introduced both books of poems and prose, and her reviews have appeared on paper, Arenaria, and  on-line, L’indice dei Libri.

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