Source: THE PIGEONS LISTEN TO US CONVERSE (poem) – Roberto Amato – Italy – Poetry International

In 2017, this poem, in translation, was published in the high-school textbook: 21st century literature – from the Philippines and the world (C&E Publishing, Inc., Philippines)200

2 thoughts on “The pigeons listen to us converse (poem) – Roberto Amato – Italy – Poetry International

    • Hello, I spoke to Roberto about the poem just last week. He promised he would do an interview if I ask him “interesting” questions (lol).
      He said that birds know everything because they have an advantage over humans: they are in the sky. They fly over us. They hear our conversations. He has a real passion for birds and they are present in many of his poems. They always have a dominant position compared to men. They look on from above. And are, as he says, intelligent creatures.
      I believe the comparison with man is evident: we take things at face value. We do not think outside the box.
      You will notice a slight descrepancy with the original in the word “interrogarsi” which I translated “interrogarci” for the sound. I don’t know if today I would do the same. Perhaps in that “si” there is a key to the poem. Because the birds question themselves about things that we do not. They block our path. They force us to think, and we do. It is their ability to soar that makes the difference.
      Maybe he is inviting men to soar, to explore new meanings, to not take things at face value.


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