Giorgio Caproni,



Lattiginosa d’alba

nasce sulle colline,

balbettanti parole ancora

infantili, la prima luce.


La terra, con la sua faccia

madida di sudore,

apre assonnati occhi d’acqua

alla notte che sbianca.


(Gli uccelli sono sempre i primi

pensieri del mondo).




Giorgio Caproni



Bathed in the milky dawn

rising above the hills,

babbling childish words

still, is the first light.


The earth, with its face

bathed in sweat,

opens sleepy eyes wet with water

to the night that fades to white.


(Birds are always the first

musings of the world.)



Translation ©Matilda Colarossi



Giorgio Caproni (Leghorn, 7 January 1912 – Rome, 22 January 1990) was an Italian poet, literary critic and translator. His poetical experience is aimed at answering everyday existential and ethical questions. The poem is from his first collection of poems, Come un’allegoria 1936 [Like an allegory], inspired by Ungaretti’s “word economy”. It is described in the preface by Aldo Capasso as “descriptive poetry”, a poetry of things, a “Macchiaioli style” of expression.

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