Antonio Tabucchi sulla traduzione:


“Il traduttore è Ulisse, è quello che porta il lettore altrove. Tradurre è un’avventura affascinante. Per fare una traduzione ci vuole arroganza e ci vuole umiltà. Si impara molto, è un bell’esercizio, è anche una forma di scrittura.”


Antonio Tabucchi on translation:


“The translator is Ulysses: he is the one bringing the reader far and beyond. Translation is a fascinating adventure. It takes arrogance, and it takes humility to do a translation. You learn so much; it’s an excellent exercise, and a form of writing.”



Translation by ©Matilda Colarossi

Antonio Tabucchi was an Italian writer and academic who taught Portuguese language and literature. He was an expert, critic and translator of the works of Fernando Pessoa.

His books and essays have been translated in 18 countries, including Japan. Together with his wife, María José de Lancastre, he translated many works by Pessoa into Italian and has written a book of essays and a comedy about the writer.

The interview in Italian,  from which I have taken the quote, can be found here:

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