Una breve misura/A brief measure by Margherita Guidacci

  da Una breve misura (1988) Margherita Guidacci Anche sul fango Lieto risveglio il sole resta sole d’ali e canti: ogni uccello e non s’infanga conosce la sua alba Quando è accaduto il peggio Quando è accaduto il peggio si forma un grande silenzio come un lago immobile su una città sommersa. Son più reali…Read more Una breve misura/A brief measure by Margherita Guidacci

Marilú Oliva

"The rhetorical figure found in the oxymoronic title Un’Odissea minuta [A minute Odyssey] by Daniel Di Schüler immediately calls our attention to what we will find inside its pages: the discrepancy between an all-embracing existence, and an obsessive attention to detail. It is both metaphorical voyage and immobility in a space that is only apparently circumscribed. The…Read more Marilú Oliva

Maria Messina

"Abitofbread was the laughingstock of the town: children threw stones at his legs or prickly-pear skins at his naked feet; and women, who, especially in summer, spent their time sitting on their doorsteps, winked slyly at each other the minute they saw him turn the corner..." https://paralleltexts.blog/2016/07/03/solo-paneabitofbread-by-maria-messina/ https://paralleltexts.blog/tag/maria-messina/  

Natalia Ginzburg

"I said: – tell me the truth, – and he said: – What truth. – and he was sketching something quickly in his notebook and he showed me what it was; it was a long long train with a huge cloud of black smoke and he was leaning out of the window waving a handkerchief.…Read more Natalia Ginzburg

Anna Maria Ortese

"There is, perhaps, aside from Italy, no other country in the world where the main goal of every citizen is to become a writer; and there are few others where what is written – sheer yearning of the novice or customary declaration – slips, so to speak, off the attention of other writers, like rain…Read more Anna Maria Ortese