“I’ll feel good even in death/ and pure and simple and rebellious.” Salvatore Toma

da Poesie scelte (1977)  

Salvatore Toma  

Non pensare alla morte
in un giorno così riuscito
di sole e di nostalgia
ma pensa al domani
che così incredibilmente risorgerà
e non ti parrà vero.
Pensa agli animali
al buio luminoso della campagna
alla volpe
felino di caccia e d’allegria
e dormi con essa
il conforto di un sonno animale
dove anche la morte
diventa una questione d’olfatto.
from Poesie scelte (1977)  

Salvatore Toma  

Don’t think of death
on such a lovely day
of sun and nostalgia
but think of tomorrow
which so incredibly will rise
and not seem real to you.
Think of the animals
of the luminous darkness of the countryside
of the fox
feline of the hunt and of joy
and sleep with it
the comfort of an animal sleep
where even death
becomes a question of scent.

Translation ©Matilda Colarossi 2022  

Salvatore Toma was an Italian poet from Southern Italian. His poems explore the meaning of love and death, while searching for the connection between man and nature within universal consciousness. Among what are known as the Italian “cursed poets”, he committed suicide in 1987 at the age of 35.

More about this wonderful poet: https://www.centroitalianodipoesia.it/it/salvatore-toma

More about the collection: https://www.poesiadelnostrotempo.it/tutte-le-poesie-di-salvatore-toma-per-la-prima-volta-raccolte-in-volume-anteprima-editoriale/

For the book of poems by Salvatore Toma : https://www.ibs.it/poesie-1970-1983-libro-salvatore-toma/e/9788894966770

This poem expresses my thoughts today as my mother’s funeral approaches: it is such a lovely, sunny day. My mother would have understood the luminous darkness of Toma’s countryside, the shadows that stretch across the valley below breathtaking crests that touch the sky hiding the colours of the ever-changing leaves around a place which, together with Canada, she called home.

Picture of Maiella from our country home.

2 thoughts on “Salvatore Toma

  1. Matti,
    I was sorry to hear about your mom. But with all the hope of Easter season and the optimism of Salvatore Toma brought to you at this time, surely you will find peace as she is laid to rest.
    Joseph Alan Roberts
    Williamsburg, VA

    Liked by 1 person

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