Vincenzo Cardarelli

Autunno. Già lo sentimmo venire

nel vento d’agosto,

nelle pioggie di settembre

torrenziali e piangenti

e un brivido percorse la terra

che ora, nuda e triste,

accoglie un sole smarrito.

Ora passa e declina,

in quest’autunno che incede

con lentezza indicibile,

il miglior tempo della nostra vita

e lungamente ci dice addio.




Vincenzo Cardarelli

Autumn. Indeed we heard it coming

in the August wind,

in the September rains

torrential and sobbing

and a tremor rippled through the earth

which now, naked and forlorn,

receives a bewildered sun.

Now passes and declines,

in this autumn which advances

with ineffable sluggishness,

the most wonderful time of our lives,

and lengthily utters its goodbye.

Translation ©Matilda Colarossi

Autumn, presented here as atmospheric phenomena (wind and rain), is, in fact, youth as it slips from our hands, living on, as the poet states, only in its lengthy goodbye, memory. This theme, youth that escapes us, recurs often in literature, and sees here clear Leopardian refences (Il passero soitario, and A Silvia).

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