this is all about where the devil is

some people say that there’s no devil


well sometimes you can’t see him good

when he hides his head neath a snow white hood

and rides to kill with his face well hid

and then goes home to his wife and kids

wonder if his kids know who he is


well he wants you to hate he wants you to fear

wants you to fear something that’s not even there

he’ll give you your hate and he’ll give you his lies

he’ll give you the weapon to go out and die

and you give him your soul


that’s just two verses to it



ed ecco dov’è il diavolo

c’è chi dice che il diavolo non c’è


a volte non si vede tanto bene

se si nasconde sotto il cappuccio bianco neve

cavalcando uccide, la faccia lui nasconde

e poi torna a casa dai figli e dalla moglie

ma mi chiedo se lo sa il su’ figliolo


vuole che tu odi vuole che tu temi

vuole che temi ciò che non vedi

ti darà il tuo odio and ti darà le sue bugie

ti darà le armi per andare a morire

e tu gli darai l’anima


e questi sono solo due versi


Translation ©2G, Machiavelli-Capponi High School

The song Talkin’devil  was written by Bob Dylan,  for Broadside in early 1963.  He introduced it by saying: “This is all about where the Devil is. Some people say there is no Devil.” Although the song was rarely performed again, it set forth a conviction about the
crucial importance of the devil in this world, devil that lurks everywhere, especially under the mask of propriety.

The translation is by the students of Machiavelli-Capponi High School in Florence, class 2G. They are: Diye, Lorenzo, Clara, Iris, Sofia, Gaia, Beatrice, Marta F., Marta F., Bianca, Iacopo, Allegra, Ilaria, Emma, Irene, Leonardo, Alberto, Viola, Denise, Camilla, Chiara, and Alice. I would also like to thank Silvia Lucci, their wonderful teacher, my colleague. M.C.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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